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About GTSJ

Gas Turbine Society of Japan (GTSJ) was founded in 1976, based on Gas Turbine Committee of Japan established in 1972. GTSJ is the only Japanese domestic professional society on the area of gas turbine, propulsion, and energy systems.

GTSJ aims to promote science, technology and social development through information exchange, publication, technology research and other activities in the fields of all types of gas turbines, and energy conversion systems.

GTSJ members come from a wide variety of organizations; gas turbine manufacturing companies, users, universities, national laboratories, and other corporations. Currently more than 2,000 individuals join GTSJ and more than 100 corporate members support the activities.

As the representative society in Japan in this field, GTSJ promotes the activities for developing collaboration with international organizations concerned, through managing information exchange and hosting international conferences.

GTSJ supports the advancement of science and technology as a leading society, and contributes for establishment of an Asian community in the field of gas turbine and energy.

Organization of GTSJ(PDF)

Brochure of GTSJ (PDF)