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Gas turbine, which constitutes major portion of aeroengines and power plants, is undoubtedly important machinery in our highly industrialized societies. Because of worldwide concern about the degradation of global environment and increasing consumption rate of natural resources and energy, the demand for high temperature and high performance gas turbine is surging than ever before for the usage as a major component in highly efficient transportation, combined-cycle and co-generation power plants. Moreover, the advantage of gas turbine over any other power units in terms of fuel versatility and growth potential for much higher thermal efficiency guarantees expanding roles of the gas turbine in the propulsion and power sectors as highly efficient, low emission and environmentally-friendly power unit.

Technologies that support future growth of gas turbine include a number of disciplines such as aerodynamics, heat transfer, combustion, material, structure, control, tribology, diagnostics and so forth. Researches in each of the disciplines are very active in Japan, and quite a few important papers have been presented and published in domestic or international conferences and journals. Besides, we are very proud of the important function that Gas Turbine Society of Japan (GTSJ) and its journal have been retaining since they started as the synthetic platform for gas turbine/turbocharger technologies through publishing a number of excellent gas turbine-related papers or hosting several international congresses in Japan, and quite recently in Korea. Unfortunately, however, most of the publications from GTSJ are issued in Japanese, thus it has been difficult for overseas researchers and engineers to recognize or reach any invaluable technological information cast from GTSJ. In particular, in consideration of rapidly increasing needs for gas turbines in Asian countries to meet their high demand for efficient power plants and transportation, it has become very important to make any activities in GTSJ more accessible from every Asian country.

After several-year serious discussion, we have decided that GTSJ should become more international platform on which the present and prospective members from all over the world, especially from Asian countries, easily exchange one another their knowledge, skills and thoughts with respect to gas turbine and the relevant technologies. Now we proudly announce that GTSJ will initiate the publication of an international and on-line journal from the beginning of 2007.

This brand-new journal, which is named International Journal of Gas Turbine, Propulsion and Power Systems (JGPP), will cover not only gas turbines for air, land and sea, turbo-chargers or power unit for propulsion but also any other relevant technologies ranging from steam turbine, utilities, repair and maintenance, operation up to fuel cell or hybrid power system. The journal will also compile review articles on interesting research topics or some statistics on the production and sales of gas turbine in Japan and Asian countries. The journal will be issued quarterly on line. By taking full advantage of internet-based technologies, along with the streamlined review routine, it will take less time for each of the submitted manuscripts before the publication, if there is no major correction.

Lastly, your cooperation and contribution to JGPP would be greatly appreciated.

Features of JGPP

  • Quarterly on-line journal
  • Issued by the Gas Turbine Society of Japan (GTSJ)
  • Widely ranged technical papers - Gas Turbine, Aerospace Propulsion, Turbocharger, Steam Turbine, Power Generation Systems, Maintenance and Repair, Operation, Fuel CELL and Hybrid Power System, Wind Power, Advanced Energy Systems, etc.
  • Include review articles on research topics, production topics, statistics, sales, new technology, market information, etc.
  • Collect qualified papers from International Gas Turbine Congress(IGTC), Asian Congress on Gas Turbines (ACGT), and other relevant conference papers
  • Rapid review process based on on-line routine
  • Asian platform for information exchange, High accessibility to Asian and Japanese technology and market trend


K. Yamada
Iwate University

Editorial Advisory Board

S. Aoki
Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., Japan
D. E. Bohn
RWTH Aachen, Germany
F. A. E. Breugelmans
Von Karman Institute, Belgium
J. Chen
Chinese Academy of Science, China
J. D. Denton
Cambridge University, UK
A. P. Dowling
Cambridge University, UK
Y. Fujitsuna
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
E. M. Greitzer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
M. Inoue
Kyushu University, Japan
S.-H. Kang
Seoul National University, Korea
E. Outa
Waseda University, Japan
M. Sato
Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (retired), Japan
K. Takeishi
Osaka University, Japan
R. Tanaka
Japan Ultra-high Temperature Materials Research Institute, Japan
D. C. Wisler
GE Aviation (retired), USA
H. Yoshiki
University of Tokyo, Japan

Editorial Committee

K. Yamada
Iwate University
T. Himeno
The University of Tokyo
N. Iki
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
H. Iwai
Kyoto University
T. Nakaya
The University of Tokyo
Y. Okita
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
A. Sato
IHI Corporation
M. Suzuki
The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
T. Tagashira
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
A. Tateishi
IHI Corporation
S. Teramoto
The University of Tokyo
T. Tsuru
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
M. Yamamoto
Tokyo University of Science

Editorial Office