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Copyright Rule of GTSJ

Copyright Rule of Gas Turbine Society of Japan

Establishment Date: March 19, 2009
Revision Date: December 11, 2012

Article 1: Object

This rule has an object to make an arrangement with respect to the handling of copyright relating to edited copyrighted works and individual copyrighted works, which Gas Turbine Society of Japan (hereinafter, refer to as the Society) owns.

Article 2: Ownership of Copyright

The edited copyrighted works and the copyrights of the individual copyrighted works of the Society (including the rights specified by Article 27 and Article 28 of the Copyright Law) shall be owned by the Society as a general rule regardless of whether they occur in or out of Japan.

Article 3: Utilization of Copyright

(1) In a case in which an author himself or a corporate body or the like to which the author belongs utilizes the whole sentence or a part of the report/paper or the like, which was written by himself, in a form of reprinting, translation/adaptation or the like, the Society shall not preclude that action as a general rule. However, in a case in which the whole sentence is utilized in another copyrighted work in a form of a replica even by the author himself, the author shall be obligated to obtain permission from the Society in a written form.

(2) The author shall not exercise the author's personal right against the Society or a person who is granted for a license-to-use from the Society.

(3) The application for permission to the Society shall be exempted only by a limitation of a case in which own research papers, presentation materials and the like are saved in the electric library and are opened to public by way of the internet within the affiliation organization of the author himself (university, company, research institution or the like).

Article 4: Responsibilities of Authors

In a case in which infringement of copyright, defamation or other disputes occur with regard to copyrighted works such as reports, papers and the like which are described in the copyrighted works issued by the Society, the Society and the author or the corporate body to which the author belongs shall discuss the correspondence and shall attempt to get the solution.

Article 5: Exceptional Handling

In a case in which manuscripts and the like are asked for on an occasion of a business activity which the Society and another study society or the like convene in cooperation and if a special arrangement is made with respect to the another study society or the like, the aforesaid arrangement may be applied in preference to this rule.

Article 6: Handling of Copyrighted Works Presently Issued

With regard to a copyrighted work for which the Society owned the copyright before the enforcement of this rule, each article of this rule shall be applied correspondingly except a case in which there is a special offer from an author and the Society recognizes that there is a legitimate reason with regard to the aforesaid offer.